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Tumbler Hustler

Custom Tumbler Orders

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Standard Sizes

Contact me directly so that we can discuss what it is that you are wanting to order!

After we have discussed design and size that you are wanting, a listing will be created specifically for you! 

Listed below will help to give you an idea of about how much a custom tumbler could end up being priced at. *Please note that prices are subject to change depending on the difficulty of the design that you are asking for. The prices are based off of basic design ideas that I offer. 

For One Solid Glitter color - $0 Upcharge

For Two Glitters to be Ombre together - $0 Upcharge

For a Milky Way Design with up to 5 Glitter choices - $1 Upcharge per Glitter Color chosen

To do an Alcohol Ink Base - $0 Upcharge *Please note that the styles in the Fourth picture are only offered as Alcohol Ink designs due to the handle and/or shapes of the tumblers

To add a Name for Personalization - $3 Upcharge

To add a Decal for Personalization - $5 Upcharge

To create a design that is COMPLETELY rhinestoned - $15-$25 Upcharge - this depends on the size of tumbler that is chosen

To create a SCATTERED affect with rhinestones - $5 Upcharge 

*Some tumbler styles allow for the bottom to be popped out and for rhinestones or glitter to be added into it, thus creating a "Glitter Butt" when ordering I will be to let you know if doing a "Glitter Butt" is an option for the style that you have chosen. If this is not chosen, the bottom will be covered in glitter or alcohol ink just any other tumbler with "Tumbler Hustler" on the bottom.

To create a Glitter Butt with only glitter and an Acrylic Tag (Please see photo) - $3 Upcharge

To Create a Glitter Butt with Rhinestones and a Geometric Acrylic Tag (Please see photo) - $5 Upcharge

I do not offer 3D Custom Designs